Colorado is in itself an idyllic place. Combine the state’s stunning natural beauty with being literally next door to the pristine Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests and you’ll see why the market for homes in Fort Collins, Colorado is such a desirable place to live. Wide open spaces abound in the vibrant city of Fort Collins, attracting people from across the country that appreciate nature and enjoy outdoor adventures. Fort Collins is known for offering residents an incredible 300 days of sunshine, pristinely clear rivers, an expansive lake system, and picturesque snow-capped mountains. 

If you are planning to sell your house in Fort Collins, you want to make sure that you select the most beneficial time of year to officially list your home. We’ve compiled a list of proactive tips you can take to garner a great offer on your home by selling at an optimal time of the year. 

Focusing on May
There is always ebb and flow to cyclical home sales rates that generally follows a seasonal pattern all across the country. For example, the first two weeks of May garner home sales that earn sellers about 6% more money while managing to spend an impressive 18 fewer days on the market than any other time of year. May is simply a proven “hot” month for home sales. Overall, late spring and early summer are peak times for eager buyers, many of which have reasons to close on a home before fall sets in. This makes it the ideal times to earn a stellar offer on your house. 

List During Months with Fast-Sale Times
The amount of time your house spends on the market can greatly impact the final offer you receive for it. Many buyers initial reaction to seeing a house for sale that has been sitting on the market for two months or more is that there must be something wrong with it. The average number of days a Fort Collins house spent listed for sale on Zillow varied between 44 days and 80 days. Homes stayed on the market the least amount of days from March to September. October to February showed the most amount of lag between the time a home was listed for sale and the time it either received an offer or was taken off the market.

Lean on your Realtor®’s Experience
Your real estate agent should be well-experienced in seasonal home sales and should be able to provide their expert advice on exactly when your house will perform best on the Fort Collins real estate market. Well-experienced realtors can narrow down when to list your home in a very granular manner, keeping it within a period of a few weeks. When you set out to find a Realtor® in Fort Collins, don’t assume the agent with the most marketing will deliver the best results. You can utilize Effective Agents’ digital platform to get a personalized list of the best performing realtors® that has been proven by data metrics to get results.


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